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Sweet N Spicy Sassafrass

Sassy is our "little firecracker"!  She may be smaller in stature when compared to our other dogs, but she's not small on personality or pizazz!  This Scooby daughter is built like a tank:  she's structurally correct with an even more impressive head.  In addition to all of her success in the show ring (2nd place at the NKC Nationals in 2008, 2nd place at the Showdown in Motown in MI in 2008, two 1st place wins and 1 Best Female Puppy at the ABNA show in MO in 2007), she just had her 1st litter from which we expect equal success!   

Sassy's Pedigree

We just love her big head! 

Checkin' to make sure noone is coming to take the beloved Kong.....

Nope!  Guess not!

Now Lola wants the Kong.....

Meant to be a mommy....

And look at her with Jazz' babies!  She's gonna be such a great mom!  :)  She loves puppies!


Sassy takes 2nd at the NKC Nationals!

Sassy takes home two 2nd Place in Group ribbons at the NKC Nationals in Ohio in July 2008!

Sassy takes 2nd Place in Group!

Sassy takes home two 2nd Place in Group ribbons at the Showdown in Motown in Detroit, MI in June 2008!

Over the last few months, Sassy has "grown up" and has become a fun, playfull, young adult!  We just started getting her accustumed to the harness and getting her on the cart.  She's doing well and who knows?  Maybe she'll be like her dad and turn into another Swoopin' Scooby!  We certainly have high hopes for her!

Here are some pics of her to see how she's grown!

Sassy won two 1st place ribbons, one 2nd place, and BEST FEMALE PUPPY at the ABNA Gateway Invitational in St. Louis on November 10th and 11th 2007!

Sassy Takes First Place!

This was a huge show with a lot of competition, but Sassy rose to the top!

Sassy at 8 weeks.

Sassy with Jazz.