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Big Mack Daddy

Mack is our outstanding stud dog weighing in at 100 pounds of pure muscle.  He is truly a sight to see!  At Mack's first show, he took 2nd place in the Third Annual Battle of the Bulls (Aug. 2007), which was the largest American Bulldog Show in the Midwest!  There was some really tough competition, but Mack rose to the top.  After this, we decided to attend a few more shows with Mack!  He has done very well along the way as you can see here!  Mack is also a titled working dog as he earned his IDWP1 title in April 2008.  We also got him started with protection and obedience training through Joliet Schutzhund (  He LOVES when the weekend rolls around because he knows it's time for him to go to work!  We think Mack still has a promising future both in (and out of) the show ring!

Mack's Pedigree

Mack takes 1st at Battle of the Bulls 2008!

Mack takes 1st place ribbon on Aug. 2, 2008 at the Mid-west K-9 Battle of the Bulls in IL!

Mack takes 2nd at Nationals!

In July 2008, Mack takes 2nd Place in Group two times at the NKC Nationals in Ohio!

Mack takes 1st!

Mack takes First Place in his Group at the Showdown in Motown in Detroit, MI in June 2008!

Mack earns IDWP1 Title!

On April 5, 2008 Mack participated in his first Irondog Weight Pull at the Mid-West K-9 IDWP in St. Charles, IL and earned his Irondog Weight Pull1 Title!  He also received 2nd place for his efforts that day.  Way to go Mack!  We are certainily looking forward to our upcoming weight pulls and conformation shows this summer.  We're anticipating that he will do well...we're keeping our fingers crossed!

Mack takes 2nd at the Battle of the Bulls 2007!

 Mack loves to play in the water!

Mack laying in one of his funny positions!