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All That Jazz

Jazz is a large and powerful female, weighing in at 98 pounds and standing 24.5" at the withers!  (Yes, she's tall and full of muscle!)  Jazz is conformationally straight as any dog you can put her up against.  While she tolerates the show ring (she isn't a big fan!), she feels most comfortable wearing a weight-pull harness!  She is such a hard worker and is always working hard to please us!  All her hard work earned her an Iron Dog Weight Pull Championship in October, 2008!  In February 2009, Jazz had her 1st litter.  She turned out to be a wonderful mother and had 11 beautiful puppies who are all turning out to be extremely large, thick and friendly!

Jazz's Pedigree

Jazz earns Irondog Weight Pull Championship!

Over the weekend of October 18-19, at the Midwest K-9 show in Marengo, IL, Jazz earned her Irondog Weight Pull Championship making her the 2nd dog to ever earn such a title!  Way to go Jazz!

She is 24.5" at the withers, and 97 lbs in these pictures.  She is just as hard-working as she is beautiful.  We love her and are so proud of her!

Jazz earns IDWP3 Title!

On August 1st and 2nd, at the Battle of the Bulls, Jazz earned her Irondog Weight Pull 3 Title!

She weighed-in at 89 lbs and pulled 2780 lbs the 1st day (which is 31.23 times her bodyweight, earning her the Title 3) and then came back and pulled 2540 lbs the 2nd day!  Wow!  She loves the work and loves to please us! 

Jazz earns IDWP2 Title!

Jazz has been making so many improvement that the following week, on May 10, 2008 at the Southern IL 2nd Annual Spring Fling, she earned her IDWP2 Title and her UPF3 Title!  She pulled 2,475 pounds, which was 27.5% of her body weight!  Wow!  Keep it up Jazz!

We're continuing to work with her and we think that Jazz has come a long way since her first show last year at the "Battle of the Bulls" in August.  She has put on some size since then and we are looking forward to additional weight pulls and conformation shows this summer as well as the UPF Nationals this Fall!  We're planning to breed her and Mack this January after the show season "wraps-up". 

Here are some newer pics of our "Jazzy girl"!

She loves to run around the yard and play!  One of her favorite things to do is run "laps" around our backyard. 

Sometimes we worry that she'll run through the fence we just put up!

Jazz earns IDWP1 Title!

On May 4, 2008, at the Mid-West K-9 event in Marengo, IL, Jazz earned her Irondog Weight Pull 1 Title and United Pulling Federation 2 Title by pulling 2,190 pounds, which is 24.6 times her body weight!  She is really turning into a pulling champion!  In fact, she took the show that day!  She also earned some plaques for UPF Most Weight Pulled, Irondog Most Weight Pulled, and UPF Most Weight Pulled Per Pound!  She did a fantastic job and we are so proud of her!  She loves the work and is making lots of improvements! 

Congratulations on Jazz taking 3rd place in the Third Annual Battle of the Bulls Tournament.  This is the largest American Bulldog show in the Midwest with competitors coming from 8 different states.  The competition was tough, but Jazz did excellent taking 3rd place at only 1 year and 4 months old!

Jazz takes 3rd at the Battle of the Bulls 2007!

Hmmm, do we have a weight puller here?

Just gettin' started with weight pulling!  We think there may be a future for her here......!

Jazz loves to swim! 

Jazz and Sassy as a baby.