Dominator American Bulldogs

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Some interesting information on the history and guarding instincts of American Bulldogs:

This breed was saved from extinction by English settlers who brought them to the United States and utilized them as working farm dogs in the Southeastern states. The jobs of these dogs were demanding, they protected live stock from man or beast, they would drive live stock and when necessary catch a stray. It was also their job to let anything living know that they will make certain of their masters well being. During the end of World War II the numbers of these dogs were quickly diminishing and facing another brush with extinction. If not for the efforts of Mr. John D. Johnson and his family, this GREAT breed would have become permanently extinct. Until recently the breed went virtually unknown and is still considered rare, although substantial gain in its popularity is inevitable due to its incredible traits.

The protection instincts of these dogs have been instilled in them for hundreds of years making them natural protectors. As guard dogs they are the best on the planet and dominate in this field. If you are ever faced with danger, an American Bulldog will literally fight to their death on your behalf. When challenged in this fashion they possess a level of ferocity, and a willingness to conquer that is legendary. They will bond very tightly to you and your family with a strong devotion towards loyalty. This starts at a very young age, and I believe this has a lot to do with why they take their protection of their family so seriously.

Because of the incredible power of this breed we strongly recommend that you have you and your pup attend obedience training at an early age by a professional trainer. Also, it is equally important to take the time to get your pup out to dog parks so he/she will be around other dogs and other people to socialize the pup.  We strongly advise against protection or attack training with this breed of dog unless you are positive the training is done by a competent trainer who has experience working with Bull breeds.  You have to remember that these dogs are born with protection instincts that were instilled in them for hundreds of years that work quite adequately and are more than enough for protecting you, your family and property. A Bulldog from good stock, if worth its salt, will protect naturally - no training necessary! Any type of aggressive behavior should not be encouraged!