Dominator American Bulldogs

Where Quality Always Comes First!

Why Dominator?

First and foremost, we are NOT a kennel.  Our dogs live with us and are members of our family.  We are not a large scale breeder, so we specialize in quality rather than quantity.  Our dogs are extremely well socialized around children, other dogs, and people.  We took a lot of time to find a male stud that embodied our perfect vision of the American Bulldog.  We then found an exceptional female that would highlight our male dogs attributes and continue this great breed of dog.  It has been said that once you own an American Bulldog, you will never own another breed.  This has been true with us. If you would like an opportunity to own an outstanding dog that is more socialized and cared for than your typical kennel dog, then feel free to contact us to get on a waiting list.  We are located in Northern Illinois, in the Western Chicago suburbs.  We will ship puppies, but we prefer to have them picked up in person.  Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. 

Jazz earns Irondog Weight Pull Championship!

Jazz earns her Irondog Weight Pull Championship at the Mid-West K9 competition in Marengo, IL on October 19, 2008!

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Mack and Jazz together:)  Mack is about a year and two months in this photo, and Jazz is about 8 months!